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Public Speaking

Ready to Inspire Your University, Organization, or Podcast!

Bryan is committed to helping others learn how to become financially successful, personally fulfilled, and enthusiastic in business, relationships, and life.

When Bryan speaks, your audience will learn how to:
  • Enjoy personal fulfillment and joy
  • Win in a successful career
  • Create and attain their visions
  • Know how to spot great companies or managers
  • Have fun in life
  • Create the world as they want it to be
  • Thrive beyond what they currently think is possible

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Bryan speaks about many topics, including:
  • Entrepreneuring: 12 Things Great Entrepreneurs Do to Win
  • Positivity: How Positivity Will Create Your Greatnesses
  • Teamwork: Pillars of Championship Teams
  • Achieving: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

One of the nation's most influential business minds and investors, Bryan Cressey is a pioneer in Venture Capital and Private Equity. He co‑founded four of the most successful Private Equity firms in the United States. His investments and firms have produced exceptionally high returns for the past 40 years.

Bryan has appeared in countless publications including Fortune, Harvard Law Today, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Crain's Chicago Business, and was featured by Time magazine as one of America's Best.

Bryan has been speaking nationwide at prestigious universities, corporations, forums, chambers, and associations for more than 40 years.

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