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Be A Winner:
Life's Handbook for Joy and Success

In his new book, Be A Winner! Life’s Handbook for Joy and Success, Bryan Cressey describes the principles and strategies that make one successful in business—and successful in life.

With literally hundreds of examples of specific behaviors and actions that lead to success, Mr. Cressey shares his advice about some of the hardest problems to solve, and successful solutions from his own career:

  • Enjoying personal fulfillment and joy
  • Winning in a successful career
  • Creating and attaining your visions
  • Knowing how to spot great companies or managers, and losing ones
  • Having fun as you live
  • Creating your world as you want it to be
  • Thriving beyond what you currently think is possible

It's the "book of answers" Bryan wishes he had when he first began his career.

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The reader just beginning his or her career in business, finance, investing, or entrepreneurial activity will find an enormous amount of value in Mr. Cressey’s advice. Mr. Cressey has spoken frequently over the years to business school students and graduates, and this book is especially well-suited to resonate with this audience.
The advice in the book is pitched at a relatively sophisticated level, suitable for those already in business, finance, and investing roles and seeking advice on how to be more successful. These readers will see their own roles differently, and better understand how to find fulfillment in addition to financial reward.
Entrepreneurs and risk-takers at any stage of their careers will be attracted to the book. In addition to a long chapter devoted to risk-taking, the book contains dozens of examples of founders, start-up ventures, seed investments, and the like—and explanations of what made each successful (or not). Cressey is candid about both his successes and some of his more notable failures, drawing out the important lessons from each.
Executives and corporate leaders (as well as financial/investment professionals) will find fascinating Mr. Cressey’s insider accounts of acquisitions of companies, how he evaluates leadership teams, how he learns new industries, and various systems he has devised over the years for making these evaluations and decisions. One of the country’s greatest evaluators of companies and leadership talent is willing to share his techniques? That’s a book that will interest many.
Finally, for all of its detail about business and financial success, the book contains an overlay of a focus on personal happiness, and the importance of finding joy in one’s life. This book thus will appeal to many in the business community who seek something more than financial success. Coming out of the pandemic, thousands who have had the opportunity to evaluate their priorities are going to reenter the economy with a newfound commitment to work/life balance, family, and home life. This book will help readers see how to become both financially successful and personally fulfilled.
192 pages
ISBN13: 9781642938944
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Distributor: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: September 21, 2021
Available At Fine Booksellers
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