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About Bryan

Bryan Cressey is a pioneer in the field of private equity investing and is co-founder of four of the largest private equity firms in the United States. He has managed billions of dollars of private capital and is well known for generating consistently strong investment returns. With over 40 years of experience, Bryan is recognized as one of the country’s greatest investors and builders of companies and leadership talent.

Bryan began his career with First Chicago Equity Group in the 1970's and was one of the founders of the firm that became Golder, Thoma, Cressey, Rauner. He co-founded TCB in 1998, Cressey & Company in 2008, and Frist Cressey Ventures in 2015 with longtime friend Senator Bill Frist.

Bryan's leadership has been recognized by Fortune and Time magazines and was the subject of a feature article in Harvard Law Today. He is highly sought out to speak nationwide on healthcare, its future, and private equity investing. He serves on the board of many companies and was Chairman of a NYSE company (Belden).

A member of the Chicago Business Hall of Fame, and Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, Bryan received his BS in Economics at the University of Washington and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School.

"The life of each person on earth has the same value as my life, or your life. No matter how bad a person is, or poor they are, or aged or ill, or mean, their life has the exact same importance as mine. This drives not just my attitude towards each person, but much of my behavior and actions."

In addition to his private equity firm, Cressey is the founder of Above and Beyond Recovery Center. Above and Beyond is a donor-funded addiction treatment facility in Chicago providing free services to the homeless and uninsured who would otherwise have no access to treatment. Above and Beyond employs evidence-based techniques, encouraging its clients to see the consequences of their behavior as something they can change by changing their beliefs about their lives—often complicated with challenging circumstances of poverty, homelessness, abuse, and addiction.

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