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Achieve Your Dreams

One definition of personal excellence is achieving great things in your life. Great things that excite you and benefit others. Here’s how I’ve learned you can make that happen:

How to Achieve Your Dreams
You can achieve your own Dreams, and with a team you can achieve great Visions.
Serving customers or clients in better ways than they expect is key to achieving your dreams. Also key is serving your teammates. Teams grow with personal humility and team praise that credits team accomplishments, not personal ones. Winning humility lifts the team to the shoulders of enthused teammates.

Belief in your vision and positivity that you can attain it are also key. Because with these, you will find yourself describing your vision with enthusiasm and excitement that are contagious! Your teammates and other talented persons who hear are inspired to make your vision happen!

The energy from this enthusiasm and excitement propels innovation which causes great things to happen. An example of enthusiasm driving innovation was our Frist Cressey venture capital team seeing opportunities to greatly improve the health of renal patients heading towards dialysis. Our team created Monogram Health to bring numerous clinical breakthroughs to individual renal care patients with individual coaching which has made patients far healthier, avoided most emergency room visits and hospitalization days, and created breakthrough medical outcomes with high growth and exciting company.

How do you kickstart innovation? Innovation is birthed by Inspiration which creates the energy that drives innovation. I’ve learned that the inspiration which leads to innovation emanates from a vision – a vision that will improve our world in some way, improve life for customers or clients. That creates enthusiasm’s energy which motivates people to innovate and act. Ideas are nice but insufficient. Only actions move the vision into reality.

I’ve learned that when I establish the expectation that everyone on the team or enterprise will innovate, it happens. The drive to innovation must start at the top, and it becomes contagious. Innovation doesn’t require painting the Starry Night, but does require asking “What if?” questions and experimenting by trying different things. I’ve observed that a team asking “What if?” questions and trying different solutions is almost unstoppable at reaching their objective. An example of “What if?” questions and thinking leading to pathbreaking innovation happened when I was 30 years old.

As young employees in a venture capital investment firm, my partner and I saw the need for certain new companies in the communications field. We asked ourselves “What if?” questions and found a pathway, so we took action. We started two new companies by recruiting talented leaders, jointly creating a game plan for each company, and turning the talented team loose to innovate and create the vision. They recruited talented teams beneath them and we ensured they were motivated by enthusing them about the vision and its possibilities, and by sharing financial upside with them. Both enterprises were major successes and became notable companies within their industries.

The keys to this were 1) Visions, 2) “What if?” questions, and 3) Action. These opened the pathway to major successes.

How to Generate Numerous Vision
How can you create lots of this wonderful, worldenhancing vision attainment all around you? By being a great leader, and doing as great parents do.

I’ve observed that the two most important things parents can teach their children, which result in caring, loving children that are inspired by their own visions and who achieve them, are teaching them the following two things:

  1. You can achieve your dreams
  2. Serving others is the key to achieving your dreams and finding personal happiness and fulfillment

Guess what? I’ve noticed that those dual lessons from parents, also happen to be the same ones great leaders in business utilize in creating outsized success! Business leaders who win big, generate that success by teaching their team that as a team you can achieve your visions, and serving others is the key to achieving those visions and realizing fulfillment. This arises from serving customers in far better ways than they expect, and serving your teammates through personal humility while praising and crediting your team’s accomplishments (not personalizing achievements). I’ve watched with enthusiasm many times as personal humility and team positivity created powerful, successful and happy teams.

So creating wonderful children and amazing enterprises with inspiring success, employs the same winning actions.

You can implement these magical steps in your life to realize your dreams and improve our world.

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