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Have you ever wished you could get guidance from someone who has achieved extreme success?
What if they told you how they make decisions, what they look for in opportunities, and mistakes they made along the way that taught them valuable lessons?
In his debut book, Bryan C. Cressey (co-founder of four of the most successful private equity firms in the United States) shares experiences, ideas, concepts, advice, and anecdotes that help readers see how to become financially successful, personally fulfilled, and enthusiastic about life, putting each reader in position to be a winner in business, relationships, and life. This book will change your thinking, reinforce practices you are familiar with but aren’t actively implementing, and inspire solutions for the challenges you face.

Be A Winner is the book I wish I had when I graduated. I've been fortunate to help build successful companies — and some not! — for 40 years as a venture capital and private equity investor, partnering with management teams in growing some great companies. I've learned so many important things from working with talented managers and astounding teammates, and am full of gratitude for my good fortune. I'd like to help your life turn out the same way.

- Bryan Cressey -

photo of Bryan Cressey
Be A Winner book by Bryan C. Cressey
  • Enjoy personal fulfillment and joy
  • Win in a successful career
  • Create and attain your visions
  • Know how to spot great companies or managers
  • Have fun in life
  • Create your world as you want it to be
  • Thrive beyond what you currently think is possible
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Rahm Emanuel

“When I served as the Mayor of the City of Chicago, there was no shortage of people who came to me with ideas about how to strengthen our city. Bryan is one of the few who had the determination and devotion to turn his idea into a reality for our residents. I know Bryan not just as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, but as the founder of one of the city’s most innovative and transformational social service organizations – The Above and Beyond Treatment Center. It has helped countless Chicagoans get back up on their feet. Bryan is a proven visionary who thinks beyond the boardroom and leverages his success for the benefit of others – and our city is better because of it.”

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel
former Mayor of Chicago; Senior Advisor, Centerview Partners

April Anthony

“In an industry best known for sharks, Bryan Cressey has set a different standard for how to be a successful private equity investor. His knowledge, integrity, intuition and overall passion for healthcare and the entrepreneurs that have brought so many positive changes to it, have led him to both financial success and wide-scale respect from those he encounters. Bryan has used his success to the benefit of many, spawning not only other successful business ventures but also supporting and even founding charitable organizations that are changing lives one life at a time. As a businessman, investor, philanthropist and friend, there is much we can all learn from Bryan about how to live a life that yields success on all fronts.”

April Anthony

April Anthony
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Encompass Health

Senator William Frist

“Bryan Cressey's always-active mind absorbs all the incoming; creates a curious mixture of the serendipitous, the light-hearted and the most profound; digests it all against the backdrop of his rich life experiences; and produces a thought that almost always is tied to action, or transformation, or betterment of others. He is fulfilled by lifting people up, whether it is the young contestant he just vanquished playing air hockey, the least experienced or otherwise ignored person in a board room, or the alcoholic who has no hope. Bryan identifies, he embraces, then lifts—to a level of self-empowerment and new energy and a new life. That's the Bryan Cressey touch.”

Senator William Frist

Senator William Frist, M.D.
former United States Senate Majority Leader

Duane Jackson

“Bryan has always generously given his time and resources to support people and causes where he could have an impact. More than 20 years ago, as a high schooler, I was fortunate to hear Bryan speak. He spoke about his passion for helping entrepreneurs think differently and create meaningful value in their companies. The enthusiasm and insight he shared that day established my career aspirations and forever changed my trajectory. Bryan has been an accessible role model ever since, and I continue to find his advice and wisdom invaluable.”

Duane Jackson

Duane Jackson
Founder & CEO, Jackson Private Capital

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