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Lessons in Life and Business From a VC and PE Pioneer


BE A WINNER!: Life's Handbook for Joy and Success
By Bryan C. Cressey
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: September 2021
Price: $28.00 / hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-642-93894

Learn The Secrets For Business, Personal, And Financial Success

This year, people are excited about starting the next chapter in their lives with a newfound commitment to work/life balance and family. In BE A WINNER!: Life's Handbook for Joy and Success, entrepreneur and philanthropist Bryan Cressey provides a path to becoming both financially successful and personally fulfilled.

One of the nation's most influential business minds and investors, Cressey shares his secrets for business, personal, and financial success through experiences, ideas, concepts, advice, and anecdotes that help readers learn to be a winner in business, relationships, and life. Cressey has built major investment firms, created a pathbreaking enterprise that helps the homeless and addicted positively transform their lives, and assisted in creating companies that are improving the nation’s healthcare.

The book will change thinking, reinforce practices, and inspire solutions for the challenges people face. When behaviors match beliefs, people find more happiness, loving connections with others, and diminished stress.

With numerous examples of specific behaviors and actions that lead to success, Cressey shares his advice about some of the hardest problems to solve, and successful solutions from his own career:

Cressey has set a high standard for how to be a successful private equity investor. His knowledge, integrity, intuition and overall passion for entrepreneurs have led him to both financial success and wide-scale respect from those he encounters. He has used his success to the benefit of many, spawning not only other successful business ventures but also supporting and founding charitable organizations that are changing lives.

BE A WINNER! shows how to:

Cressey provides insider accounts of acquisitions of companies, how he evaluates leadership teams, how he learns new industries, and various systems he has devised over the years for making these evaluations and decisions. For all of its detail about business and financial success, the book contains an overlay of a focus on personal happiness, and the importance of finding joy in one's life.

Entrepreneurs at any stage of their careers will benefit from Cressey's insights. In addition to a chapter devoted to risk-taking, the book contains dozens of examples of founders, start-up ventures, seed investments – along with explanations of what made each successful. Cressey is candid about both his successes and some of his more notable failures, drawing out the important lessons from each.

For those already in business, finance, and investing roles and seeking advice on how to be more successful and fulfilled, BE A WINNER! and readers just beginning their careers in business, finance, investing, or entrepreneurial activity all will find great value in Cressey’s advice.

Bryan C. Cressey is a nationally recognized pioneer in the venture capital and private equity fields. He has co-founded four transformational Private Equity firms that are highly successful and influential today.

In 1986 Cressey was featured in Time Magazine's edition "American Best" as one of four leading young venture capitalists identified as rising American stars. He has also been featured in Fortune magazine, and is highly sought out to speak nationwide on healthcare, its future, and private equity investing. In 2014 he was the subject of a feature article in Harvard Law Today.

Cressey's investments and firms have produced returns exceeding 20 percent compounded annually for the past 40 years. Additionally, he is a leader in building innovative philanthropic enterprises. He recently created Above and Beyond to develop the best addiction treatment in America and provide it to the poor and homeless for free. It received the national award for best treatment program in 2020 from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals, and was termed, "a modern treatment miracle, in a field badly in need of one," by Stanton Peele, PhD, a world expert on addiction treatment.

Cressey was named one of the 20 Most Inspiring Chicagoans in 2020 and has been inducted into the Chicago Business Hall of Fame and the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. He has also received a healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award from the Healthcare Private Equity Association.

Bryan Cressey earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and his B.S. in Economics from the University of Washington.

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